Possible 500-1000 circuit class calorie burn ?!

All ages , lots of variety, progressions and adaption for all fitness levels
All ages , lots of variety, progressions and adaption for all fitness levels


Some interesting news regarding a recent SSF circuit class.

One of our regulars decided to wear his Heart rate monitor at an evenings class, to calculate heart-rate averages, calories burned, etc. He started the monitor when the warm-up started, left it going during the break, and switch it off after the stretching. The results of the amount of calories burned, was based on a scientific calculation, that included height, weight, age and maximum heart rate during the class, and average heart rate for the duration of the class. His heart rate maxed at 179bpm during the step-ups, and averaged 150bpm for the duration of the class. Total class time was 65 minutes, and the BIG one, 1050 calories burned. And i’m reliably informed that the calculation is pretty accurate.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Well that surprised me. Expected around 450-650 (depending on intensity of effort) burned per class.:-) The mix of resistance exercises with aerobic/anaerobic would have contributed greatly to the high calories burned.


Possible 500 to 1000 calorie burn depending on the varied levels of ‘intensity of effort’?!