Pilates & Corrective Exercise Principles and Benefits 18-10-2016



PILATES & CORRECTIVE EXERCISE 18-10-2016pilates-improvers-17-10-2016-002

Well done to all the Improvers in our penultimate class for this set of six, especially those who have continued for a number of sessions. The side bend, a tough intermediate exercise to perform correctly not only because of the shoulder placement and engagement, but also the engagement of the Obliques, glutes, and adductors, was the last exercise of the class as in the photo.The improvements in strength & flexibility are obvious.


Basic principles are: * Breathing, *Pelvic placement, *Rib cage placement, *Scapula Stabilisation, *Cervical Spine Alignment and its benefits are;

*Improved muscle strength and tone.

*Improved flexibility and joint mobility.

*Better posture and so less posture induced pain (back and neck)

*Especially beneficial, by improving poor posture, rounded shoulders, forward head, and kyphosis.

*Stronger core and so less injuries.

*Improved functionality

*Improved performance

Note: Very little cardiovascular benefits, but at beginners or intermediate level, efficiency of the heart and lungs can improve when exercise intensity increases.

All exercises are performed on a mat.