SAMPLE GYM SESSION for Gym Beginners

SAMPLE GYM SESSION to get you started.

Many people involved in regular activity like jogging, running, cycling, fitness class, and various sports at any level will join a gym at some stage. A common frustration is not knowing how to get some noticeable physical and cardiovascular benefit from the workout.

Think CARDIO, PUSH and PULL to begin with.

Treadmill: 10-20 minutes, warming up for 5 minutes at a pace that suits and increase the pace to suit your level.

PULL: An example would be a rowing machine at 5 minutes to begin with, or some gyms have seated back row  machines without any leg work. Muscles worked on the rower are some leg and core, but the primary muscles are the front of the upper arm (biceps) and middle of the back (mid traps). Thats your PULL

PUSH: A couple of examples would be a seated chest press machine (most gyms will have one), bench press (lying on a bench with a barbell on a rack above your head, or ‘on the mat’ push-ups. Think 3 sets of any exercise x 12-15 repetitions and using a resistance/weight that causes the specific muscle group to fatigue  between the 12 and 15 reps, with a 1 minute 30 second approx rest in between each set. Primary muscles worked are the back of the upper arm (triceps) and front of the torso (pectorals). Thats your PUSH.

PULL (curl) and PUSH (extend) for LEGS: Most gyms have a seated leg curl and seated leg extension machine. Again think muscle fatigue at 12-15 repetitions, and do 3 sets with 1 minute 30 seconds approx between each set. The rest time gives the muscle group a chance to recover before the next set. The primary muscle group worked during a leg curl are the muscles at the back of the upper leg (hamstring). The primary muscle group worked during a leg extension are the muscles at the front of the upper leg (quadriceps or quads). Thats your PULL and PUSH for LEGS.

CORE and GLUTES: Most gyms have a seated core muscle machine, or 5 minutes could be spent on a mat doing abdominal curls, bicycle crunches and russian twists. You could break them down into 20 a.c’s, 20 b.c’s, and 20 r.t’s, again x 3 sets each. There are a couple of isolation exercises that can focus on the glutes for more advanced trainers, but best to do some squats holding a suitable weight close to the chest, 12-15 reps x 3 sets and keeping the knees behind the toe-line during the exercise, or walking lunges, or use  a leg press machine at a suitable level. These are called compound exercises, exercises that focus on more than one muscle group, so legs front and back along with the glutes are the primary muscle groups used for the afore-mentioned exercises.

After the first 4 or 5 gym sessions, the exercises will feel a little easier. That could be the time to start increasing the load i.e. adding another resistance level or another kg to your exercise load. You could also seek some advice from a qualified and experienced exercise professional to help you move to the next level, adding some new exercises and safely adding intensity to your routine.

Best of Luck.