Testimonials 2019


Christine O Callaghan

DATE: 12-6-2019

“I joined Southside Fitness Circuits classes in 2016 as I was looking to find an exercise class locally that suited me and I wanted to start exercising regularly again without having to join a gym.  I’d had two children and I had barely exercised for over 7 years aside from occasional walks.  I found the classes were really beneficial from the start and are a great way of helping me to control my weight whilst at the same time improving my overall fitness and wellbeing.  The classes are at times that suit me in the evenings and on Saturdays so I find I can attend them easily and fit them in around my work and family life commitments.   The exercises are varied in each class and include a full body workout so the classes are always different and this keeps it interesting.   The classes include a mixture of cardio and strength exercises and are rotated from one circuit station to the next.   Dave is very encouraging and helps me and everyone along during the class to make sure we are getting the most out of the exercises and ensures we are doing them correctly.  The classes are suitable to a wide variety of ages and fitness levels and are a great way of meeting new people, toning up and getting fit.  I regularly attend the classes since I joined and they are now part of my weekly routine and help me keep a balanced lifestyle.   I have met lots of new people and friends through Southside Fitness and there is a great group of people there every week.    I would highly recommend Southside Fitness to anyone looking to join a great exercise class in the Knocklyon area for both the social and fitness benefits.”

 Christine O’Callaghan, Dalriada, Knocklyon, Dublin.

Gill Redmond

“I joined Southside Fitness 8 years ago and thoroughly enjoy the weekly variety; challenges that are set; the social atmosphere and all of the many health tips that you get from each class.  Dave is very invested in each and every individual that attends his classes and ensures that you get the most out of them.  The people that attend range in age from teenagers to people in their 60’s and everyone is there for a different reason be it to lose weight or to improve fitness levels.  The classes aid both, and Dave will always encourage everyone to work to their own level of fitness and capability.  Each week there is a mixture of cardio and strength exercises which allows you to achieve a full body workout. There is always a very welcoming atmosphere in the classes and it is quite social with weekly runs organised and coffee after, hikes, Christmas drinks and awards.  I would highly recommend Southside Fitness”

Gill Redmond, Woodstown, Knocklyon, Dublin.

Stephen McDonald
Having been to various Gyms over the years, I found the boredom of machines and benches too much to sign up for another year. I came across Southside Fitness through a recommendation from a neighbour, who talked about a diverse Circuit class in the local school. By diverse, it went from teenagers to 70 year olds, male and female and all levels of fitness. Having a reasonable level of fitness myself, I didn’t know if it would be challenging enough for me. I was surprised to find out it definitely was, Dave who runs the class encouraged everyone to work to their own level, but scans the group to suggest higher or lower levels of intensity for each individual depending on level of fitness. Encourage but not ‘Bootcamp’ style! Every couple of weeks, he’ll change it up a bit by adding in a new exercise or a team game. There’s lots of energy with the mix in age groups and with regular, runs, hikes and award nights, there’s a great social aspect to the club. 4 years later I’m still going and recommending anyone I know to attend! Stephen McDonald Cremore, Knocklyon, Dublin.

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