Health Benefits of Improved Cardiovascular Endurance

1 Stronger heart rate.  2 Lower Heart rate.  3 Probable reduction in Blood Pressure.  4 Probable improved periphery circulation.  5  Quicker recovery after hard work.  6 Improved coronary circulation.  7 Lower risk of heart attack.  8 Greater chance of surviving heart attack.  9 Increased protective HDLs (High Density Lipids-Good Cholesterol ).          9 Increased Oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

Health Benefits of Improved Muscular Strength and Endurance

1  Greater work efficiency.  2 Less chance of muscle injury.  3 Lower risk of low back problems.  4 Improved performance in sports.

Health Benefits of Improved Flexibility

1  Better/Good joint mobility.  2 Lower risk of muscle injury.  3 Prevents low back problems.  4 Helps maintain good posture alignment.

Health Benefits of Improved Body Composition (Lower body fat) Healthy Range for Women @ 15-23%. Healthy Range for Men @ 10-18%

1  Improved appearance.  2 Muscle is more metabolically active than fat.  3 Reasonable fat weight = less strain on heart and joints.  4 Possible improved self esteem and self confidence.