Regardleess of the ingredients in the Sample Meal Plans, from the first plan for Jakub age 5, to the last plan for Mary age 70, the common denominator for all plans are a minimum of 5 portions of fruit/veg per day, and sufficient portions of carbohydrates, complex carbs, and protein.

Note that the WHO guidelines on physical activity per week are a minimum of 150 minutes, with 75 of the miutes recommended to be at moderate intensity and 75 minutes at a vigorous intensity, and up to 300 minutes weekly is recommended by the WHO for greater health benefits, that is 150 minutes at moderate intensity and 150 minutes at vigorous intensity.

Greater levels of vigorous activity may require larger amountsĀ  of carbs and protein (protein is your muscle fibre repairer) in your meal plans, but sugars and fats should be kept to a minimum (no more than the equivalent of 5 teaspoons of sugar content per day). It all depends on your weight and body-fat targets, and your amounts of weekly physical activity.