If you have not exercised in a number of months, or even years and intend trying out a fitness or circuit training class, here are some tips.
1. Do not use any other participants to compare yourself to. Everybody’s fitness levels are different.
2. Start with the easier version of the exercise, and every 10 seconds of performing a particular exercise rest for 5 to 10 seconds, then repeat for another 10 seconds, until however long the exercise is intended to last (usually 50-60 seconds per exercise)
3. Rest and take on water whenever you feel a need to.
4. And Finally. Until your body becomes accustomed to regular exercise, use the guidlines below relating to EXERCISING BY YOURSELF and work between 4 and 7 inclusive on the Borg Chart to what you perceive to be light exertion, to very hard exertion, if not wearing a heart rate monitor.

Borg Chart:

1. Am i feeling any exertion. 2. Is it extremely light exertion.
3. Is it very light exertion. 4. Is it light exertion
5. Is it somewhat hard. 6. Is it hard.
7. Is it very hard. 8. Is it extremely hard
9. Is it maximal exertion (anaerobic)