SOUTHSIDE FITNESS end of August Quiz 2018
PRIZE; 2 sets of a medium/Large/ or ex Large, SSF HOODIE and TEE SHIRT.
ANSWERS in text to 0872205044.
Closing Date; Friday 7th of September.
Winners anounced on Facebook and whatsapp on after a draw on Monday 10th of September 2018.
NOTE: you’ll need to refer to the website for accurate answers.
Question 1.
In the post entitled ’10 mental health benefits of exercise’, name two of the benefits mentioned.
Question 2.
Tag, on ‘HEALTH’.
On page 26 of the WHO (world health organisation) document on physical activity for health for 18-64 year olds. What are the recommendations on the amount of time in one week an individual should spend on moderate intensity Aerobic physical activity.
Question 3.
Tag, on HEALTH.
In the same document, how many days per week should muscle strengthening exercises be done for 18-64 year olds.
Question 4.
Tag, on FITNESS.
In 2011, Who were the two first Southside Fitness, ‘Fitness Persons of the Year’
TIP: The ‘TAG’ will show the latest 9 or 10 posts on a specific subject, so scroll down and click on the arrowed ‘previous’ until you find the subject matter with the answer.

Best of Luck.