What to expect when starting an exercise programme !

What results to expect when starting an exercise programme:                                                                                                If If starting an exercise programme by attending a fitness class, or jogging/running twice a week or any class or hobby that causes your heart to beat at a medium to high rate in a controlled way, (an uncontrolled heart rate would occur if running for a bus), then you should expect to see reductions in at least one of these three areas; weight, resting heart rate, and waist circumference (most narrow girth at umbilicus/naval). If your exercise programme has a consistent pattern of higher and lower intensity exercises with some resistance exercises added (as would be expected in a good circuit training class) then you should notice a reduction in all three of the areas mentioned.    Best time to check your resting heart is first thing in the morning. Try the pulse on your wrist, or side of the neck under the ear behind  the voicebox, for one minute. (average heart is 70-72 bpm). In general a fitter person will have a lower resting heart rate, and a less fit person will have a higher resting heart rate. However there are exceptions.

Use a cloth tape to check the waist measurement at naval height.

The largest fat storage areas are around the waist & hips so first signs of fat loss will be noticed in these areas, e.g. Looser fitting trousers/jeans/dresses.

Tip: If improvement in diet is necessary you could start by reducing fats and sugars by 20% and increasing fruit and veg intake by 20% daily.