*Crash diets lower your metabolic rate which makes it harder to lose weight in the future.
*Replacing meals with powders and pills can upset lifetime habits.
Once a person returns to normal eating habits, any weight lost is usually put back on, plus additional weight.
*Saunas only lead to loss of fluid. When an individual drinks water the weight is regained.
*And using specific exercises in an attempt to deplete local fat deposits, does not appear to be very effective according to the latest research. Fat reduction is most likely to occur from fat deposits throughout the body, and given that the largest fat storage area is around the tummy, waist, and hips, it’s in this area where fat reduction will be noticed first. e.g. easier fitting Jeans, dresses, .trousers, etc.
***Tip: Including some cardiovascular/aerobic activity (hill walking, jogging, running, badminton, squash, etc ) in your weekly exercise routine, will not only improve your heart and lung functioning (Cardio-respiratory Endurance),  but will greatly increase your ‘calorie burning’ capacity, and if resistance/muscular exercises are added to your activities, the overall health and fitness benefits will be even greater.