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  • At last, some Saturday morning circuit sun in April 2018
  • At last, some Saturday morning circuit sun in April 2018
  • Interval training in Bushy Park 25-2-2018
  • Spider hill, Rathfarnham 25-2-2018
  • Terenure 5 miler 2017
  • Terenure 5 miler 2017
  • Terenure 5 miler 2017
  • The cloakeroom along the wall, including ski jackets, pull-ups, hats, scarves, gloves, snow boots, back packs, etc, on Saturday morning March 3rd 2018
  • The 19 hardy Southside Fitness participants who braved the 'snow drenched weather' to get to the circuit training class on Saturday morning March 3rd 2018.
  • Sunday morning run 25-2-2018
  • SSF Sunday morning run 25-2-2018
  • Circuit Training in Knocklyon C. Centre
  • January 23rd 20 metre Progressive Cardiovascular Fitness Test.
  • SSF New years day walk Jan 1st 2018
  • SSF New years day walk Jan 1st 2018
  • SSF New years day walk Jan 1st 2018
  • Thursday 18-1-2018
  • New 2018 Start. January 9th Circuit Training.
  • January 1st 2018
  • F.P.O.T.Year for 2017, Joan, Peter, Christine, and Endurance Athletes 2012-2017, Stephen and Veronica
  • Tom, SSF Endurance Athlete Winner 2012-2017
  • F.P.O.T.Y. for 2016, Caroline, Teresa, and Marcus
  • SSF Fitness Persons of the Year for 2016 Teresa, Marcus, Caroline and Deirdre. Circuit Training 7-3-2017
  • SSF Fitness persons of the year 2011-2015. 2015 Winners, Edel, Sean, and Mark.
  • F.P.O.T.Year 2014, Lorraine and Philip
  • Aware 5k/10k Phoenix Park 9-12-2017
  • Well done Teresa. Fitness Person of the year 2016, and 500 miles of running (804km) in 11 months of 2017
  • Sophie Spence, 2013 Grand Slam winner and Nominated for the 2015 Womens World Rugby Player of the year.
  • Saturday morning class
  • All ages , lots of variety, progressions and adaption for all fitness levels.
  • Circuit Training class in St Colmcilles Community school in January 2017.
  • A little HIIT ūüôā
  • Roll up and Shoulder Press.
  • Terenure 5 miler May 2017
  • Terenure 5 miler 2017: Some of the SSF squad at the finish.
  • June 2017 Summer Sunday Walk, Bray to Greystones and back, 12.4km
  • Thursday and 5 minutes of Stress relief !!
  • Terenure 5 miler May 2016


Circuit Class Timetable

  • Tuesday 7-8pm, St Colmcilles C. school @ 6 euro per class
  • Thursday 7-8pm, Knocklyon C.Centre @ 6 euro per class
  • Saturday¬† 10am to 11am in Knocklyon C. Centre @ 7 euro per class


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 LATEST NEWS 21-4-2018

****TERENURE 5 MILER (8km) on Sunday May 13th at 11am. Sunday morning training jogs/runs are ongoing at 10.15am in Cherryfield (opposite Ballyboden gaa club) and mixed levels of between 6 and 12 turn up most Sunday mornings. All Welcome (males and females).

12 signed up so far. More than 20 of the Southside Fitness crew expected to sign up before Sunday May 13th. Our SSF record for participation in the Terenure 5 miler is 24. We expect to beat that this year.

****Next two classes; Tuesday 24th of April from 7-8pm in St Colmcilles Community school and Thursday 26th of April from 7-8pm in Knocklyon Community centre.



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Other Class Types & Timetable

  • Pilates & Corrective exercise; Beginners/Improvers on Wednesdays 6-45 to 7-45 in Faughs gaa club
  • Costs:¬† ‘6 class sessions’ at 54 euro.

Qualifications & Programmes

  • Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist, University of Limerick.
  • Member of E.R.E.P.S. European Register of Exercise Professionals, No 2897
  • Pilates and Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Individual & Group Exercise Programmes
  • Active Ageing Specialist


Lorraine Doyle, SSF Fitness Person of the year for 2014
I joined Southside Fitness in September 2013. In the beginning I was just looking to keep fit, then in March 2014 I set a date for my wedding (May 2015) My target then was toning, fat loss, to improve my overall fitness and fit into my wedding dress which was a size 8, at the time I was a size 10. I started going to the class every Tuesday, Thursday and most Saturdays to achieve this. I measured my upper arms, thighs, back and waist and following some fitness tests with Dave 8 weeks later I checked my measurements again and           11265107_10152830389255143_1061485793515221265_n1the results were greater than I expected. I kept going to the class 3 times a week, this combined with a healthy diet I achieved my target weight/size for the wedding. I continue going to the class as its part of my routine now and I really enjoy it. I would highly recommend Southside Fitness classes to anybody who has a goal they want to achieve, or even just for general wellbeing and keeping fit.   Lorraine Doyle Woodstown, Knocklyon, Dublin

Stephen McDonald, Physical Therapist
Having been to various Gyms over the years, I found the boredom of machines and benches too much to sign up for another year. I came across Southside Fitness through a recommendation from a neighbour, who talked about a diverse Circuit class in the local school. By diverse, it went from teenagers to 70 year olds, male and female and all levels of fitness. Having a reasonable level of fitness myself, I didn’t know if it would be challenging enough for me. I was surprised to find out it definitely was, Dave who runs the class encouraged everyone to work to their own level, but scans the group to suggest higher or lower levels of intensity for each individual depending on level of fitness. Encourage but not ‘Bootcamp’ style! Every couple of weeks, he’ll change it up a bit by adding in a new exercise or a team game. There’s lots of energy with the mix in age groups and with regular, runs, hikes and award nights, there’s a great social aspect to the club. 4 years later I’m still going and recommending anyone I know to attend!

Stephen McDonald Cremore, Knocklyon, Dublin.                                                                                                                                                                 

Joe Duggan, SSF Fitness Person of the year for 2012
I have been attending Southside Fitness training classes for over 4 years and having tried various gyms and classes and this is the best. At 58 my fitness level is probably better now than it has been for 25 years. The class is always interesting as Dave varies the exercises and sequence of exercises and explains the techniques and benefits. Regular fitness assessment is also a feature of the class. Dave has also introduced a social element by organising weekend walks,runs and an end of year get together.

Highly recommended.
Joe Duggan
Orlagh Grove,
Knocklyon, Dublin
Tracy Brady, SSF Fitness Person of the year for 2011
In the beginning I was anxious about joining circuit training as I hadn‚Äôt exercised in 6 years. This need not have been the case. From day one I found the classes open and friendly while also pushing me to exercise hard. With my close friends wedding fast approaching, I gave myself 9 months to get in shape. I pushed myself to my limits, initially it was 1 class a week, then 2 and finally 3. Going from 10.6lbs to 9.2lbs I was feeling great about myself for the occasion. Not only did I look better, I felt better and healthier than ever before. I have made great friends in the process. I felt completely at ease with Dave‚Äôs support and expertise getting me through the whole process. I continue attending classes on a regular basis and couldn‚Äôt be happier living a healthier life¬†ūüôā¬†Tracy Brady Beverly, Knocklyon, Dublin



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